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Watch television programming on the monitor connected to a personal computer by accessing the television network via the utility compatible with iTunes and other models.

It seamlessly transmits data to Windows Media Center.

simple tv

Playlist creation of the recorded content is available. SimpleTV 0. The most popular versions among the software users are 0.

Simple TV player free download

Our antivirus scan shows that this download is clean. SimpleTV is categorized as Multimedia Tools. The actual developer of the software is Really Simple Software. With Simple. TV works seamlessly with Windows Media Center. You may want to check out more software, such as simple.

simple tv

Windows Mac. Download now. Developer: Really Simple Software. From the developer: With Simple. Download SimpleTV. Comments You can also add comment via Facebook.

Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users. Subscribe to comments:. Latest update: Apr 07, Related software. Downloaded for.

Download simple TV for windows 7. Simple TV for windows Simple TV download gratis. Simple TV player free download. Simple TV AutoShutdownManager Remote Computing. How to clean registry featured. Twitter Facebook.Modern Torrent Stream technology, which is implemented in the program, allows you to view high-quality video without delay. The program also has a good system of sorting channels, has the support for writing TV programs "on the fly.

At the right time it will switch on your PC and write television programs at a pre-specified range of time and in a required format, and then it will switch off the PC. And in the same way, you can view and burn videos anywhere on the network. Free Software for PC and Android. Average rating. List of the main features of the application: The interface is flexible and has plenty of options; You can play and burn rtmp- streams; You can download the program guide and perform burning using it; Editable lists of channel and files; Channels can be arranged in a variety of ways; Support for LUA script; The function of multicast channels search; The opportunity to work with UDPPROXY; Simultaneous burning of eight channels at once; The ability to run in the system tray; Simultaneous playback of streams and video files; Fully supported WinLirc; PIP and multi PIP.

Additional Information. Internet TV. Sunday, 17 June Hi, Guys Hope you are all Fine! Thank you for the help. Excellent software, but in my computer is very slow. Why what is the reason?

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Hi, there Guys Hope you are on the whole doing Great and Fine!! I went over your site and discover that it has data identified with Free iptv And I need to state that it was awesome and profitable data.

You rock, folks for the assistance. Quoting Pete: iptv not installing in Windows 10 32 bit. I've used this player for years. No complaints, really, other than somewhat awkward interface. I wish it wasn't just for Windows. Hi, Could you help me how to do to keep one channel on screen during recording. I used the four sections play mode but for the three last, The recording stops after thirty seconds. Thank you for your help. Many Thanks in advance if you can help.

Excellent interface, very clean, nice and powerfull enough, I'll like to have tha ability to add a list on URL m3u format, still can download and work with it, very good, recommended almost as good as Kodi Click on blue download button with text "Windows" that is before the comments.

Downloading it is simple, installation OK apart from the Russian Language. Tried it 3 time and had to give up at the end. Let's not forget to thank the developers of the program and the people who set up and provide the channels lists. Thumbs up, well done and thanks. I just Love it! Even a dumb guy like me understand most of it. Hi Anybody know how to dis scrambling a scrambled signal.

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Also any player support scrambled signal. Pl advice me.TV service is no longer available. Quick Look: What is it? It captures live TV broadcasts from your antenna or cable, stores it on a hard drive that you provide, then streams the recorded shows to your Roku, PC, iPad, or other supported device.

Here is how it works:. So why not just purchase a TiVo? I haven't personally tested the Simple. TV DVR - it won't ship until early November - but the primary advantage seems to be the ability to stream to multiple wireless devices.

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The DVR supports up to five devices streaming simultaneously on your home WiFi network, limited, of course, by the speed of your hard drive and capacity of your WiFi network. But don't expect Simple. TV to replace your current full-featured DVR supplied by your cable or satellite provider. As the Simple. TV website makes clear, you won't be able to record encrypted cable or satellite.

For more information, visit Simple. Developer's Channel Description: Simple. Add Channel.

simple tv

TV Website Simple. TV on Facebook Simple. TV simpletv on Twitter. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Here is how it works: Buy the Simple. Streaming to Roku requires a service subscription at additional cost. Record your favorite shows and play them back on your TV through the Simple. TV Roku channel. Newest Roku Channels. View All Private Roku Channels.

What's on Roku - Classic album documentaries, binge-watchable channels, free movies and TV shows. What's on Roku - Frontline documentary, free hit movies, and popular TV series. What's on Roku - Crackle Originals, hit movies, popular children's shows, live webcams, and vintage video games.Watching TV channels on the computer is no longer a new habit to those who want to be entertained without depending on another device.

There are numerous applications that can be used to stream such channels, and SimpleTV is one of them. The installation process is skipped altogether, as this product is portable. Another important aspect is that you can take SimpleTV anywhere with you and run it on any computer, simply by moving the program files to a USB thumb drive. The interface of SimpleTV is neatly organized to enable users to easily browse for a TV channel they enjoy - not all of them might be currently online, so one might need to try several of them until a working one is found.

One of the aspects that set SimpleTV apart from similar apps is that users can customize the way each entry is displayed within the list of the main window. This means that not only can the main icon be replaced with one from your PC, but users can also adjust the brightness, contrast or volume for each channel. In addition, users can crop the video stream, modify the aspect ratio or readjust the deinterlacing. Furthermore, it is possible to export the current channel list as an M3U playlist for later.

Alternatively, you can download playlists created by other SimpleTV users who shared them online. Depending on the codecs they have installed on their computer, users can also rely on this utility to play video files from local folders, with the possibility of navigating to the next or previous frames, and increase or decrease the speed.

Another important function is its recording capability, as users can capture PiP streams according to a schedule they set up. They can also take snapshots of the currently playing channels. To sum up, SimpleTV can be a nice application for those who want to stream and record online TV channels and radio stations while also providing users with the option to export their playlist and share it with friends.

An IPTV player that allows you to create and share playlists, view TV channels from around the world, record streams and play multimedia files. SimpleTV was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire. New in SimpleTV 0.

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SimpleTV 0. Load comments. All rights reserved.These boxes aim to replace your dusty VCR with a modern DVR, one that's not beholden to extortionist cable and satellite providers.

The content arrives old-school, over the airwaves, without a price tag attached. Alas, while the content may be free, recording it will still cost you. The dual-tuner Simple. Then there's storage: You supply the USB hard drive in whatever capacity you want. Oh, and you'll need an antenna, too. Unfortunately, they're balanced out by a few annoyances. So what's the better choice for cord-cutting fans of network television? Functionally, the two boxes are almost identical.

The Simple. The unfortunate lack of Wi-Fi may make positioning more difficult, but it ensures the best possible streaming performance. Like the Tablo, there's no direct connection to your TV, and no remote. It also supports Plex for the more hardcore cord-cutter. However, whereas Tablo has just one dedicated app for the iPadrequiring users of other devices to navigate a browser-based interface, Simple.

And it's a polished, easy-to-use app, with an interactive program guide and simple series-recording options. Too bad the Roku interface has the same clunky arrangement as the Tablo's. Although you're limited to two tuners Tablo offers a four-tuner optionthe Simple. It even allows you to "invite" others friends, family members, etc. Another big perk: You can download shows for offline viewing. In fact, Simple.

Alas, this option requires a browser, meaning you can't download recordings directly from within the apps. So if you want shows to go, you have little choice but to save them to your PC, then manually transfer them to your phone or tablet.

Still, neither Channel Master nor Tablo offers anything comparable. Anyone seeking a traditional TV-viewing experience may be somewhat disappointed, though, especially when skipping from one live channel to another.

Real Simple TV

On an iPhone, for example, this involves tapping Done to end your current stream, returning to the program guide, choosing another channel, tapping play, then waiting for the new stream to start. The whole process can easily consume 30 seconds.Specify shirt size. Shipping included. TV Early Bird Special. Get the Simple. TV DVR.

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TV plus Premier service for a year. TV box plus a year of full electronic program guide EPG and remote streaming.

Simple TV Android

Love Your Aerial Pack. Get a Simple. Unlimited 2-Pack by popular demand. Get two Simple. For those backers who already have an antenna. Give one to a friend if you like TV from your Hometown Pack.

Catch hometown games from out of state. Custom Hook-up. Personal delivery. Get three first-off-the-line Simple. TV front-end - and a T-Shirt! Integrate it into Facebook. Make a cool watch-with-me app. Build a 10' UI. Optimize it for your favorite connected platform…. May 30, - Jun 29, 30 days. Share this project Done.

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Tweet Share Email. Cut The Cord with the Simple. Last updated April 3, Share this project.

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You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Jun Kickstarter is not a store.Do you have a GitHub project? Now you can sync your releases automatically with SourceForge and take advantage of both platforms. SFTTV is a simple application to connect your Smart Tv android, your android mobile device and your personal computer. It allows you to fastly and easily share movies, tv show or ANY files between these devices through your local network.

No Internet required. SFTTV is designed to be simple. SFTTV is the fastest and most private I needed a simple "double click" monitor for my IP Camera. Used SharpDevelop v.

The program works by saving a current monitor setup as configured using the windows control panel to an xml file. Once saved the configuration can be quickly restored at any time. NET 4. The program is quite simple and in an early development stage. It is provided without any warranty. If you accidentally disable all your monitors boot into safe mode to fix the problem. If you like the program say thanks by clicking the Donation link in the menu! If you are looking for a simple Nes emulator provides accuracy that very close to the real hardware, My Nes is a one worth a try!

Please note that the snapshots are taken by the author, all demos used in My Nes during snapshots taking are from test roms except the first snapshotwhich are free to use. WiPointer Server emulates the real mouse and keyboard functions. Similar to the newest smart TV remote control or Nintendo Wii padthe WiPointer can be used to control your android TV when watching movies, listening to music, surfing on the Internet, PowerPoint presentations and even more!

No additional configuration is needed! The connection between L'utilisation est simple voir :. ImageBox is a free image editing software specially designed for easy image rotation. Why are images shown differently rotated? An image may contain Exif metadata in addition to the image data.

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